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From the Organizing Committee

On one of the alumni pages, a comment is made about the ease of taking on a building project at camp compared to starting an association and building a working web site.  Boy is that ever an understatement.   It’s been a lot of work, rewarding & fun, but a lot of work. This effort to support Camp Lassen has been undertaken with the best of intention and hopes that we will tap into the good will of everyone that checks this site.  Should we be successful, our good intentions will allow the many renovations of camp to move at a much faster pace.   More work but more fun.

As a group, we know our skills are limited when it comes to graphic designs and generating a readable script.  Converting old slide shows and tapes to digital web presentations is a like learning a foreign language to most of us.  The author of the web-script tends to type like he talks which sometimes is not too grammatically correct.  So I hope you will bare with us during the launch of this site.  

The intent is that the web site should tell a story and flow like a good Scoutmasters minute or speech. Keep the reader interested, make a good point and lead the reader to take action. If we have done our job properly, we will be very busy at camp over the next couple of years and be able to bring together a group volunteers that will build on our foundation and maintain a good web site.

If you have the kind of skills and interest in proof reading, graphic designs, web page construction, and or computer communication skills or the interest to be a part of the board of directors for the association, drop us a note.  We need your feedback to help figure what we have gotten ourselves into.  Hopefully, we can take advantage of your good intentions and skills to build a better message, create better text and bring new ideas to the table.  We believe that with the communication access available today, you don’t have be present to attend a board meeting,  just have to figure out the best way communicate.

Finally, a note of thanks is due to the members of the organizing committee that have helped form the ideas and deliver this message.  A ton of hours and talking went into taking a step by step approach to the formation of this organization and processes for checks and balances.  Most importantly for the financial aspect of the effort, the web site would not have been possible without the annual fundraiser from Chico Troop 2 Steak and Prawn Dinner and Auction. This dinner has allowed the set aside of about $5000 a year for Camp Lassen for some 15 or 20 years.  This year, the funds were designated to help start this site.  

Well, it’s time to go as I am finished with the first draft of this script. It’s actually 5:30 am Saturday morning, June 11th, 2011 and I need to get ready to meet Lee Shawver and Travis Vodden at the Hwy 32 Park and Ride at 7 am.  We have a work day scheduled to focus underneath the lodge

Wish you could join us, but in lieu of that, I hope to hear from you soon.