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Welcome to the Projects Page


A great deal of discussion and thought went into how to approach raising money for camp improvement projects, and the accountability and flexibility needed to track and invest your contributions.  We wanted to make it easy for you to support the building and maintenance efforts, and to help us determine which projects  have the greatest interest from those that are directly supporting Camp.  We also needed to make the funding system flexible in order to move forward, given the urgency and cost of any one of the approved projects.  Our Association Board will meet regularly to review the projects which seem to have the most interest, and combine that information with the funding decisions.

As mentioned on the Giving Pages, we have created 3 categories of funding: General Projects, Designated Funding, & Membership.  Our Projects Pages will focus on the approved projects of the council, and will allow you to donate to general categories and/or some very specific items.  Your donations will be tracked through the shopping cart system for general areas like The Lodge or General Projects and/or the more specific projects within each area.  All donations within the above categories will go into the general funds account.

By combining the interest you share on the specific projects and the general donations of others, we will be able to fund any one of the projects when the funding amount is within reach.  We think this format gives you, the donor, the most accountability, and our Association the most flexibility to get the job done.

The Designated Funding for the Rangers Wish List and Camperships (see Giving Page) are donor designated funding, and will only be spent on those specific projects you identify.  

Membership funds will be used not only for improvement projects but will also ensure that this web site is properly maintained, developed, and expanded.  As we are finding, there are a lot of neat historical items out there, but getting them formatted and presented sometimes involves costs.

As you take a look at all the projects, we hope you will find something that you would like to support.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions as to how we can improve our site and our ideas, please drop us a note.