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Dump Trailer

Does it seem that no matter how many piles of rock you pickup from the same place, there are always more rocks in the same place within a year or 2? Doesn’t it seem to be the same for tree and limb debris? And all the garbage that has to get hauled off each day?  And even the construction debris that seems to get piled up no matter how long its been since anyone has worked on anything? 

No matter what the year, what the project, there is always something that needs to get hauled off or delivered to camp.  In the past 10 years or so, we had the benefit of a dump truck that Bestway Painters donated.  However, that vehicle has dumped its last load and something else is needed.  This time, to help manage the maintenance cost, we only need the dump bed on wheels, not the truck to go with it.  Just the trailer.  

This time, our goal is to get a dump trailer.  Prices range from 4 to 5 thousand pending the size and type. This is a big ticket item and we expect it to take some time to bring in the designated funding. We’ll keep adding funds to this project till we get close and then start shopping.  If you would like to sponsor the entire amount, send an e-mail and we will get a specific quote.  A good used one would be ok as well, just have to have enough funds to go shopping.

Cost range $4,500 to $5,500 for new.
Total Donated: $10
Donation Goal: $3500
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Dump Trailer

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