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The Lodge Floor

What happens when you have a floor foundation that settled 2” to 3” here and there, you have lots of little & sometimes large roof leaks every winter and you flood mop the floor 40 to 50 times a year for 78 years with a fire hose?  You get a wood floor that is warped, bent, split, gaped and in some areas, rotting through to the basement.  Try as we might by repainting the floor at least every other year, the 78 year old floor has held up well, but there is a need for attention.

One of these days, when the other phases of the renovation on the lodge is complete; or at least the roofing; it will be time for the floor to be replaced.  By then, there may be some new flooring product that will hold up to the extreme conditions that 7500 kids can create every year, but it will probably be a good ole fashion high quality wood floor.  

One of these days.