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History Of Camp Lassen - A Work in Progress

Welcome to the History Section of the Camp Lassen Alumni Association.  We hope you find this to be enjoyable.  This section is a real challenge, as how do we present over 75 generations of memories that represent the vision and story of Camp Lassen?  We can only start with what we have available and go from there.  As you can see by the menu to the right, we have a lot of information available to add.  We just need the time to get it entered.

The original building of the Camp is the foundation for this site.   What we  have from that era are mostly the tangible items remaining from the program: the pictures, patches and printings.  The real history of Camp Lassen is in its people, its leaders, and the difference Camp has made in the lives of its alumni.   This is our biggest challenge to present.    Several ideas have been suggested, including a Wipa site where everyone can add and edit the stories of his own history of Camp Lassen.  But that is something down the road when time and resources permit. 

Included in this section are the memorabilia that have been gathered by a few history buffs, principally Ren Wakefield and Dave Nopel, John’s son.  Ok, you too Steve Estes.  This is just the start.  But we know that there are a lot more collectibles, pictures and stories out there.  Now that we have a place to display them for all to enjoy, we can really gather and add to the collection.

If you are interested in helping out in the development of this section, or you have an idea, a patch, picture or story to share, please drop a note at .   If you have the special skill that can help prepare the information presented on this web site, and/or would take on an assignment, please let us know.   

Like every project, you start with an idea….then build a plan….evaluate the plan….and start implementing the plan…..then evaluate the progress.  Right now, we are at the evaluation of the progress.  Your feedback will tell us if we had a good plan or not.