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 Over the years, the Council Camp Lassen Committee has been able to undertake a great many improvement projects.  Whether the health or building codes required action, or the simple fact of keeping the camp open, some of the 75 year old buildings have had to be replaced, renovated or repaired.  Of course when an idea for a new program came along, we were always ready to expand and improve.

The Council Camp Lassen improvement budget is primarily self-funded through efforts of the volunteer Lassen Committee.   A few special fund-raising events have been held.  Individuals and businesses have been willing to donate time, money, materials or equipment.  Typical of most camps, the costs of the projects have always been much greater than the combined income.  So, some of these projects go on for year after year after year.  

With your help, this may change.
 Association General Funds - FYI

Our general funds (Membership and General Projects donations) will go toward the projects that are either underway or at the top of the camp priority list.  The Alumni Association will direct our general funds to the overall Council Lassen Facility "general capital budget,” and that committee will focus the project funds where they are needed the most.  This will include income from your direct general donations, the membership fees, trading post income and fundraisers like Family Camp.  All of the projects listed on this web site are a part of the council approved project list.  

Other income for the council general capital account has come from individuals and/or events like the 75th Anniversary and the Troop 2 Steak and Prawn Dinner.  As a matter of past operations, the Lassen Facilities Committee has invested funds mostly for materials, and really pushed for volunteer labor so the most could be made of donations.  However, at times, it’s better to invest with licensed contractors and/or specific service companies to perform the work.

All and all, making sure there is progress and support for Camp Lassen is a team effort.