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General Projects Overview

Each year we focus on several large and small projects to improve and upgrade some part of the camp facility.  Your general donation to the alumni association will go towards one of these projects when there are enough funds and the best expertise to make the repair happen.  

When you look at the Projects page, you'll see 5 main categories of projects,  three of them are general income categories,  The Lodge, Parade Grounds, and General Projects.  We will lump your donations within these categories and when there are enough general funds to complete any one of the projects, the funds will be released.  All of these general incomes will supplement the Council capital budget, as that budget targets the same projects.  Typically the expenses far exceed the annual council capital income.  This year, you’ll see that most of the project focus is on the lodge.  It’s at the top of the council priority list. 

This year, we focus mostly on the Lodge short term projects.  This includes damage from winter conditions, cleaning up 20 years of plumbing, improving on the sanitation and food serving issues in a large group setting and giving a facelift to the kitchen and bathrooms stalls.  We also list the long range plans for the Lodge including roofing, flooring and storage.  These 3 projects are really big projects and won't be on the start list for some time, but at least you know where we are headed.

The Parade Grounds project is mostly finishing up on some items that we did not complete during the 75th.  Moving the totem poles to match a Flur De Lis with the dedication monument, fencing and walkway improvements for dust control. There is one more pole to dedicate if you would like to consider.
The Recognition Center will be the other designated funding program where we believe the funds will be raised to complete the major items on the renovation of the Lodge - roof -flooring - perimeter poles - storage and re-roofing.  More will be announced in the near future on this program.  Check the Recognition Center page in the projects section.

The 5th category is the Rangers Wish List. These are donor designated items and will be spent specifically towards that item.  On the big ticket items, the funds will be set aside until the dollar goal is reached. If a large ticket item total is close we can always direct some of the membership fee incomes to help reach the top, but at least you know for the Wish List, your donation will be spent on that specific item.

You can go to the Projects Page to make your contribution and help us track your interest of which projects should be funded first or use the cart below to contribute to the total General Funds Projects.