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The Recognition Center

Over the years, many thoughts and ideas have been tossed about for the need to give recognition to the great volunteers that has been so important to Camp Lassen and Scouting.  Any structure of  "a center " is also important to be seen as a natural flow of camp.  And if something was developed around the lodge it would have to complement to the majesty of the Main Lodge.  

While the parade grounds became a focus getting ready for the 75th, another topic of great interest was what to do for a dedication/monument celebrating the 75th.  We already had 3 existing monuments in the 49er Monument, the Bristow Hood Monument and the 50th Anniversary Granite Monument.  Another one seemed to be a bit too much.  

Another consideration was that the appearance of front of the lodge had changed a lot over the years.  Some changes were due to rotting fences and the more recent was the ground work caused by the 1994 foundation re-construction of the Front Office footing and pole assemblies.  All and all, the assembly area in front of the lodge was lacking a finished Scout look.  This was brought into focus during the planning  of the 75th.

The idea that took shape then and is now planned will be a Recognition Center designed to provide a finished Norman Rockwell look to be located at the top of the parade grounds right at the front of the lodge. The 3 monuments throughout camp have been gathered atop a terraced landing that will feature the 49er Monument, the Bristow Hood Monument, and the Camp Lassen 50th & 75th Granite Monument.  

Making of the Center

Inlayed with the Scout Law, a concrete retaining wall will surround the center with a top point of a Fleur De Lis  pointing to the center of the lodge and to the new center American flag pole at the base will help bring focus to the message of the 50th & 75 Granite Monument….


The top of the Fleur De lis retaining wall will be capped with a flat stone that will act as a sitting bench and will allow our supporters to be remembered by engraved family names on the flat stone bench. There will also be two drinking fountains (the original saved during construction) and a 4’ wide concrete skirting where commemorative fired bricks will be placed. The donations for Capstone Recognition will range  from $1500 to $7500, pending location. The bricks perimeter will be in the $300 to $500 per brick range. 

Should our idea be successfull, close to $500,000 can be raised for the renovation and maintenance of the lodge.  If your interested in this program, please drop a note at and we will included you in the planning and communication phase of this project. 

Drop us a note if your are interested in this project.  Rough numbers would suggest about $25,000 to get this project completed.
Total Donated: $5500
Donation Goal: $25000
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