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Sanitation at the Lodge

What happens when you mix up a good bunch of dirt and dust, the energy of 300 scouts that has a natural resistance to soap and water, put them in the same place at the same time and you crank them through the ole chow hall?  It’s a recipe for a flu stew to run wild.  Some say that a little dirt is goof for a kid, but who knows where those hands have been.   It’s been proven time and time again, washing your hands is the best offence to keep bugs where they belong, - out in the dirt.  

The bathrooms that were remodeled for ADA access back in the 90’s have 2 sinks for those that us the bathrooms for sanitation, not for the big rush of 300 kids at each meal.  So the game plan is to design an outside hand washing station located at both sides of the lodge, either at the outside corners of the lodge or somewhere near both sets of stairs.  Heavy duty stainless steel and some custom fabrication will be needed, along with some code required hot water to make a sure that those hands are good and clean.   

Another challenge will be getting the drainage of the soapy water into the septic system.   The last time we tried to put in a septic tank in front of the lodge, it filled up with water, just like the pit under the lodge.  The cost, well...we’re working on that, but it will be more than just a bit.  Probably about $7,000 to $10,000 if pay a straight contact amount.  Course, that’s not how we try to do things, but it will be a fair amount to say the least.

Estimated cost: Unknown but over $5000.00
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Donation Goal: $5000
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