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Rangers Wish List

Each year the Council camp budget is established to provide the materials and services to ensure that camp is opened and ready for business.  That is the primary focus – get camp ready and make camp run. However, that budget generally is tailored to make the facility work, stretch the dollars and not necessarily make it right.  It’s not for lack of intent, it’s just the domino effect of where do you stop on buildings that are so rustic and heavily used.

So every year, we always identify a group of items that are needed, but always seem to be out of reach for the maintenance budget.  What we are hoping, is that through the Alumni Association, the additional funding will become available through your donations and target the items that are either needed or will help stretch the budget.

All these items on the Rangers Wish List are donor designated funds and will be directed specifically towards the item you select.  You can make a donation to the general Wish List category and it will go to any one of the projects, but if you want to be specific, you can.  

Donate to the Rangers Wish List Fund

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