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Re-plumb under the lodge

The last 2 big re-plumbing efforts were in 1984 when we had to rebuild the kitchen and Jerry Norris and his steel working crew got the job done just before the camp was opened and in the mid 1990’s when a leader in the Telephone Pioneers by the name of Johnny Lamb took on the rebuilding of the Lodge Bathrooms.  Ever since then, it been added on here, cut there, frozen and split most everywhere to the point that it’s time to redesign the whole system.  
Efforts to start the process were undertaken last year when we relocated the hot water heating system from an outside heater closet to the upstairs storage area above the kitchen.  Now it’s time to re-do the lines starting under the kitchen and then under the lodge floor, especially now that the lodge floor and been re-supported with a new foundation. 
The cost, well, a plumbing crew for a week under the kitchen, a plumbing crew under the main lodge floor for a week, a plumbing crew under the bathrooms and stage for at least 3 days, not to mention the cost of the materials, somewhere in the range of about $20,000 to $30,000 if it’s a contact job.  At least $12,000 to $17,000 if we capitalize on a fair amount of labor and materials donations. 

The Council budget plan now is to allocate about $5000 a year to phase in the repairs.

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Donation Goal: $5000
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Re-Plumb the Lodge

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