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The Parade Grounds

In 1934, Camp Lassen had the distinction of having the tallest single span wooden flagpole in the United States of America and was, accordingly, listed in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  The pole was blown down in the winter of 1951.  Since then, a string of often replaced wooden flagpoles have served camp well, but never with the same stature and glory.

     Page 1  Pole Bases 

As the 75th Anniversary was in the ideas stage and during the many conversations and brainstorming meetings held, the notion of the Lodge being the centerpiece of the reunion was very clear.  Something else was needed to rekindle the bond of brotherhood at Camp. We also recognized the need for an assembly area that would highlight our commitment and respect for the symbols of our country and help create awe in our ceremony.  The Parade Grounds became that special event of the Anniversary Weekend.
    Page 2   Raising of the Poles

The ceremony that brought many misty eyes became the raising of the new American Flag up the new 70’ flag pole.  Three new steel Flag Poles now stand as the centerpiece of the Parade Grounds.  They have that rustic finish that appear to be wood and are scaled in height to complement the Main Lodge.  We now have the formality and grandeur our ceremonies justly deserve.

     Page 3   The Ceremony

There were 2 groups that ultimately made this possible, Norris Steel Fab of Redding and the Veteran Organizations around our area. Rob, Chuck and Jerry Norris donated the steel and fabrication of all 3 poles, the Veterans groups, along with Steve & Tom Estes funded for the site prep and 22 yards of concrete needed to hold them up in 125 mile an hour winds.

Enough donations were received to get the flag poles up, but not enough to dedicate all 3 poles and totally funded and completed.  The Norris Family and the Veterans groups can claim title to 2 of the 3 poles, but were still looking for the 3rd sponsor to help complete project.  

Other projects to complete will include the following:
     * Landscaping and gravel for erosion and dust control
     * Historical Flag Set 
     * Relocate the Totem Poles for to match the points of the Fluer De Lis.

Historical Flag Set PDF

If you’re interested in having your name on the 3rd pole, somewhere between $4000 & $5000 would do the trick. That would help cover most of the expenses of the grading, historical flags and other related expenses.

Flag Pole Dedication: up to $5000
Historical Flag: $350 each (need 5 more)
Landscaping and grading: $2500
Total Donated: $11000
Donation Goal: $18000
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The Parade Grounds

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