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Wood Rack

If you have ever been responsible for keeping a facility running or help out with the logistics of a scout troop, you know how important having a wood rack can be to transport material and program equipment.   Seems like over the years, we have not been able to set aside the extra funds for a lumber rack for the camp truck given all the other needs of the camp.

In the pictures above, you'll see the Rangers truck without an wood rack and an internet photo of what kind of rack is needed. Last time we priced out a good truck rack, it was about $750 for a square tub built or about $650 for a Rack-it pre-built.  We’ll keep a running tally on the amount of donations that have been directed towards this project. 

Remember, the items on the Ranger Wish List are donor designated funds and will only be spent on this specific item.

Cost range is $650 to $750
Total Donated: $10
Donation Goal: $750
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Lumber Rack

Donation Amount: $