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Do you know how much infrastructure it takes to host between 275 and 350 Scouts in a camp for a week?  Let’s see…… could add up to a lot
     34 toilets, 
     27 hand washing sinks, 
     16 plumbing hook-ups in the kitchen, 
     12 refrigeration compressors, 
     6 separate septic systems, 
     27,000 gallon water storage and distribution system
     25 electrical sub panels – at rough count
     Miles of water lines
     Miles of electrical lines 
     60 plus Adirondacks
     6 or 7 restrooms
     8 Sleeping Cabins
     7 support building (not counting the lodge)
     12 program areas - at quick count
Yep, each year we have the need for electricians, plumbers, mechanics and heater guys to come up and keep stuff going.  When you consider that most licensed professionals bill out at about between $50 to $100 per hour, it’s a lot.  We try to keep as much of this in house (volunteer), but there are times when we just can do without the skills.  Just this spring, we have invested over $6,000 in services to get just the basic equipment serviced and operational for camp start-up.

You might consider to cover the cost for an hour, couple of hours, or even a day.  Most of the vendors we have come up offer really good discounts, but it still add up.  Consider starting off at $100 for a couple of hours towards this much needed service. We can probably make it stretch for more time.

Remember, the Ranger Wish list are donor designated funds and will only be spent on this specific service.
Total Donated: $10
Donation Goal: $2500
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Tradesman for the Day

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