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Camp Nawakwa

This amazing photo album came to light during the early planning stages of the 75th Anniversary.  We meet with Dave Nopel to review all of the photographs, tapes and slides that John had collected over the years.  This was one of the treasures that the Price Family had given to John.  It's a great journey through the eyes of a young scout while he is growing up.  You can see on the first page of the Camp NaWaKwa photo's the kink of camera equipment Bud was using if Winnie Roberts and the Snake is the example.

If you ever wonder what the Troop Historian is supposed to do, Bud’s photo album is a great example of a job well done.  Through the small notations on the bottom of the photos, we have can see a story of a group of scout growing up from 1933 to 1938.  

Camp NaWaKwa

We start with Camp NaWaKwa in 1933 as a group of Scouts going to Camp.  In 1934 its Camp NaWaKwa again and a Pioneer Hike which may have been a part of the NaWaKwa Program.  If it was a part of the program, they started in Humbug Valley, hiked to Butte Lake then on the Colby Lookout and ended at Colby Meadows.  I wonder how far they hiked?

1933 Camp NaWaKwa 1934 Camp NaWaKwa  

1934 Pioneer Hike – Yellow Creek to Colby Meadows

Camp Lassen

1934 also included a side campout at Camp Lassen showing some of the very few photographs of the misc construction photos of camp.  We have a lot photos on the lodge construction, but not much around the general area of the camp including the flag pole.  We believe it’s a campout due to the photos of camping in Little Johns Creek, which is the stream that comes in at the upper meadow.  There also appears to be a family trip to Camp Lassen and Colby as the order of the photos in the album included a young girl at the block house and Colby Meadows.  These photos were scanned in order from the book.

1934 Camp Lassen

1935 brings us photos of the first year of program at Camp Lassen and a side hike to Iron Mountain.  In 1936, he has pictures of staff members and and no program.  Not too many pictures that year so I wonder if Bud only made a visit to camp rather than spend a week.  

1935 Camp Lassen 1936 Camp Lassen

Now the Gang is growing up and working at Camp.  In 1937 the group of young men would have been 16 or 18 years old depending if they started going to NaWaKwa when they were 12 or 13.  You could join Scouts when you were 12 years old back then.  The Gang takes a road trip back to NaWaKwa and ends up at the Caribou Power House.  

1937 Camp Lassen   1937 The Gang

John Nopel made a great slide show about the History of Camp Lassen for dinners, reunions and historical presentations.  More than once as he talked about the Every Girls Camp at Camp Lassen and the fact that the Camp Lassen Staff members helped put on the program, there seemed to be a pause in the presentation, perhaps a misty eyed look and a said something to the effect that this was the greatest time he had at Camp Lassen. Judging by the photos, the entire gang had a great time.

Every Girls Camp 1937

The Gang had grown up around Camp Lassen as was part of the legacy of Camp Lassen.  When looking at the Knights of Dunamis – the Eagle Scout list – you’ll see a lot of familiar names – future leaders of our area.  They had grown up and spread throughout the north state.  Bud appears to have gone to Berkeley and I would assume to collage.

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