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Camp Lassen Member Registration

Over the years, there have been generations of volunteerswith a special kind of dedicationto Camp Lassen who have stepped forward to the challenge of running, building, and maintaining a vision. Past-generation volunteers included familiar names like Nopel, Meriam, Kelly, LaBreacht, Freeman, Seeliger, and Shackelford. Thesenames were asmall part of agroup whowere synonymous with Camp Lassen. The new generation has the same kind of love for Camp Lassen, and we have new tools to be able to share the pastand build for the future.

By joining the Alumni Association you will help keep that vision alive by joining a network of support for Camp Lassen. Your membership funds will first be invested in this web site; in its development, growth, and continuity. We will be able to undertake special efforts in sharing and promoting the history of Camp Lassen, since in the past it was a good idea, but we did not have the ability to reach beyond our local area.
Then each year we’ll be able to focus onimprovements and on some of the regular maintenance projects that seem to change with each year. This will help make sure that the Council Camp Plan will be updated, confirmed, and advertised with consistency.
Finally, we plan to hold annual gatherings of Camp Lassen Alumniand a major celebration everyfive years. When past reunions were put together, a small group of camp enthusiasts would meet and try to gather as many friends and alumni as possible. We know we missed a huge number of alumni. We hope this new tool, theAlumni website, willreach out to all thosewho we have missed over the years.

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