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Your Membership Fees

When we started discussing how to the set the fees for this Association, a wide range of ideas were proposed, considered and discussed.  We wanted our newest and youngest alumni and their families to be able to afford to join, as well as not miss any opportunity for those who can and want to invest more.  We also wanted to provide some of the traditional patches, mugs and shirts that are so much a part of the Scouting program.  We felt that by combining the two and making it flexible, we would get the best of both great ideas. 
Anyone under 18 can join for an annual fee of $20, get a really neat patch (to be sent at a later date) and be a part of the future of Camp Lassen.  Adults, at $35 per year, will become today’s foundation for success.  Larger families can join at $100.00.  Those who have the interest and ability to support the association at a higher level can determine their own membership rates and get the full collection of the good ol' trading post favorites.  

Anywhere from $175 to $499 (Leadership Member), you will receive (at a later date) the patch, mug and t-shirt and a lot of good will.  The Lifetime Member at $500 and above will get the added bonus of an embroidered jacket that is normally not offered at Camp Lassen. When we started programming for the site, the original intent was to allow you the ability to set your own membership fee once you got above the $175 level for the Leadership Membership. Right now, we don’t have the programming in the system to make a variable rate, so for those that want to give more than the minimum Leadership but not as much as the next level, you can always make a general donation to make up the difference. 

Even if you don’t want to join you can still go to our web site giving page or future trading post to donate or to purchase items as gifts for someone special, just like you did when you were a kid. 

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