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Alumni Association & Bylaws

Most of the organizing committee has been around Camp Lassen and/or have been a part of unit, district or council operations for many years.  All of the folks putting this association together have been the core of the Camp Lassen Committee.  We know the structure of our pack, troop, district, council, and camp, but many of us have never tried to form an organization from scratch.  I can now tell you it’s a lot easier to go work on a building project than to organize an association and to build a working web site. 
So, our bylaws are a work in progress.  We will review and change the organizational rules through a formal process, but the changes will be based on the realities of making this organization work.  Most everyone knows that every project starts out with good intentions, but we find may that the practical situation will require changes to really make a good idea a great program.  

With that in mind, please review our bylaws and know that if something sounds good on paper but really doesn’t work, we will change it but always through a formal process.
Bylaws 2013

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