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Alumni Lists

When we were organizing the 75th Anniversary, we were able to set up a link to a very inexpensive data base entry program.  During eight months, we had over 200 Camp Lassen Alumni check the Summer Camp Program Site and send in their contact information. The site crashed just a few weeks before the 75th weekend, but we learned that there are a lot people that think of Camp Lassen and check out the Summer Program.  We had alumni as far away as Alaska and Florida log-in to a word of mouth web site.  Imagine if we had our own Alumni Web Site, how many people would drop in and visit. 

One goal of this web site is to allow Alumni or non members to register their contact information. We want to set up a system that allows you to contact other members via an electronic note, letting someone know that a long lost alumni is asking to contact them, much like Facebook.  If you registered during the 75th, we will be contacting you about our new web site, but we have to start over on the data input log in information.

This feature is a work in progress, so one of these days you might get a note from someone you were friends with a long time ago.  

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