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Lodge Roofing

In 1984, when the kitchen remodel was just about completed, one of the donations we received from American Metal Products was enough lightweight 28 gauge High Rib Metal Roofing to cover the newly remodeled kitchen.  That was a big deal and it’s still up holding up, but over time we learned that lightweight metal did not work for the heavy snow loads in valleys of the lodge.  We always had to repair or bend the metal back in place as the sliding snow in a 45 degree valley would create too much pressure for the strength of the steel.

Another big addition for the lodge roof replacement was in 1994 when the Lodge trusses over the office were replaced and the front porch roof line was extended.  We were able to purchase and install a heavy duty seamless metal roof. Through the generosity of Modern Builders of Chico, they donated enough extra roofing to cover the entire south ½ of the main lodge.  Just several years ago, BCM Construction helped provide and replace lightweight 28 gauge valley roofing over the north side (kitchen area) with a newer heavier duty type of metal roofing.

Over time and with the last 4 or 5 years of very heavy snow, even the 24 gauge commercial roofing is not holding up to the snow loads in the valleys.  And we still have to replace the entire north side of the original corrugated roofing.  The big challenge today is the cost of metal roofing, the heaver snow loads and the size of the lodge itself.  We roughly estimate that the full replacement will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of around $75,000.  

Then we can tackle the main lodge floor.

Given the size of this project, we have not developed a detailed quote unless we get a funding source. Drop us a note if you have an interest in this project.